Sunday, 12 February 2012

How to Test Payment Gateway Functionality

How to Test Payment Gateway Functionality?
To test payment gateway functionality is same as test any other functionality. You should have some test strategy during testing it. Following are some points keep in mind during testing of payment gateway.
  1. Gather appropriate test data for the dummy credit card numbers for various master cards.
  2. Gather payment gateway information like whether used paypal, guestpay etc.
  3. Gather payment gateway documents with error codes – useful it if any error came during testing to identify whether its our application fault or payment gateway related error.
  4. Does the gateway do what it is supposed to do? Does it handle order objects correctly? Does it perform additional calculations correctly?
  5. Understanding of the integration of the payment gateway with application
  6. Understand and test the parameters and sessions passed through payment gateway and application
  7. Understand and test the amount related information passed through query string or session or variables in any form.
  8. Check the format of the amount with currency format
  9. Check the language of the application and payment gateway language
  10. Try to change payment gateway language during the payment process
  11. Test after successful payment all the necessary data retrieved to our application or not
  12. Check what happens if payment gateway goes down during the payment process
  13. Check what happens if payment process went successful but do not return to our application
  14. Check what happens if session goes time out during the payment process
  15. Check what happens in backend during the payment process is the session data stored in temporary table or any id is generated or not?
  16. Check what happens if payment process is fail
  17. Check if any modification transaction is going on through payment gateway, then how much amount is taken out as modified amount whether required to pay more or not. For example- if modified amount is greater than paid amount then and then only application redirect to payment gateway otherwise it should not.
  18. Verify DB entries for the transaction whether they store credit card details and all or not
  19. Verify DB entries for the amount related fields in database for the fresh transaction, modified transaction and canceled transaction.
  20. Verify error page during payment gateway process
  21. Verify security passes for the transaction
  22. Sometimes payment gateway sent confirmation through popup dialogs – so test popup blocker related settings also. What happens is popup blocker is on and all this.
  23. Check buffer pages between application and payment gateway (firefox firebug add-on will be helpful to test)

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