Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Automation Testing

                                                         Automation Testing
There are two ways of Testing.
1.      Manual Testing.
2.      Automation Testing.
1). Manual Testing

It is a process in which all the phases of Software Testing Life Cycle like Test Planning, Test Development, Test Execution, Result Analysis, Bug Tracking and Reporting are accomplished successfully manually with human efforts.


   Drawbacks of Manual Testing

1.      More number of people is required.
2.      Time consuming.
3.      No accuracy.
4.      Tiredness.
5.      Simultaneous actions are almost impossible.
6.      Repeating the task in a same manner is not so easy manually.

2). Automation Testing

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Software Testing

Software Testing
Testing is the process of exercising or evaluating a system or a system components by manual or automated means to verify that it satisfies specified requirement.
To detect the difference between existing and required condition is called testing
Testing is the process of executing a program with the intent of finding errors.
Verifying and validating the application with respect to customer requirements.
Finding the differences between customer expected and actual values.
Quality is defined as not only the justification of the requirement but also the present of value (user friendly).
·         IT’s view of quality software means meeting requirements.
·         User’s of software view of quality software means fit for use.