Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Software Quality Assurance Life Cycle

In this article we have tried to map a Software Quality Assurance Life Cycle or Software QA Life cycle with a the normak SDLC.
 Also for each phase of SDLC the SQA activities are identified:

1. Software Concept and Initiation Phase

SQA should be involved in writing and reviewing the Management Plan
to ensure that processes, procedures and standards identified in the

plan are appropriate, clear, accurate and verifiable. During this phase, also SQA
provides the quality assurance management plan.

2. Software requirements phase

During the software requirements phase, SQA makes sure that software
requirements are complete and testable, and properly expressed as functional,
performance and interface requirements.

3. Software Architectural (Preliminary) Design Phase

SQA activities during the architectural (preliminary) design phase include:

Ensure compliance with approved design standards as specified in the
Management Plan.
Assuring all software requirements are covered in software components.
Ensure that a matrix of audit tests exists and are kept up to date.
Ensure interface control documents are consistent with the standard
form and content.
All the open action items are resolved.
Ensure the approved design is placed under proper configuration management.

4. Software Detailed Design Phase

SQA activities during the detailed design phase include:

Ensure that the approved design standards are followed.
Ensure that allocated modules are included in the detailed design.
Ensure that the results of design inspections are included in the design.
Ensure that all open action items are resolved.

5. Software Implementation Phase

SQA activities during the phase of implementation include checking:

Results of coding and design activities including the schedule contained in the
Software Development Plan.
Status of all deliverables.
The activities of configuration management and software development library.
Reporting all the Non-conformance and the corresponding corrective action items.
6. Software Integration and Test Phase

SQA activities during the integration phase and testing include:

Test preparation and check list of all the testing deliverables.
Ensure that all tests are performed according to test plans and procedures and
Reposting of non conformities are recorded and resolved.
Ensure that test reports are complete and accurate.
Certifying that the test is completed and the software and documentation are ready for delivery.
Attend the Test Readiness Review and ensure all action points are completed.

7. Software acceptance and delivery phase

At a minimum, SQA activities during the software acceptance and delivery phase
includes, ensuring the completion of an audit of the final configuration to demonstrate
that all components and deliverables of the project are ready for shipping/production deployment.

8. Software Sustaining Engineering and Operations Phase

During this phase, there will be mini-development cycles to improve or correct
Software production related bugs reported by the end users.

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