Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Quality center interview question

1.  What is the relationship between Quality Center and TestDirector?
TestDirector is the tool that was later renamed to Quality Center. The last version of TestDirector was version 8.2.
2.  What is the purpose of Quality Center?
TestDirector is a web-enabled tool used for the management of tests.  It supports cross-team communication and helps to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of collaboration in the process of testing global applications. It is capable of generating reports and graphs that can be used for test analysis, planning, and the tracking of defects.
3. What is the purpose of linking test cases to requirements?
Test cases are linked to requirement so verify test coverage.  This ensures that all requirements are being
verified by at least one test case.
4. What types of requirement options can be added to test cases?
There are two types of requirements:
  • Parent Requirement – High level functions
  • Child requirements. – Low level (sub-requirements of parents)
5. What are the main advantages of Quality Center?
  • It is capable of performing manual and automated testing
  • It takes all parts of the testing process into account, from test planning through defect tracking
  • It ensures test coverage by linking requirements to the test cases
  • It allows for test plans and requirements to be imported from Microsoft Excel
6. What do you have to use to upload test cases from Microsoft Excel?
This can be done using the MS Excel add-in.  This option can be installed from the Quality Center Add-In menu. Once this is completed, there will be a new menu option in MS Excel for exporting to Quality Center.
7. How are filters be used?
Filters are used to sort the test results. A tester can easily find all pass or fail results using a filter.
8. What is the Test Lab?
The Quality Centre Test Lab where tests are executed.  Tests from the test plan can be added to test trees that run in various test cycles.
9. How can the defect management cycle be tailored in Quality Center?
Once all of the defect attributes that will be tracked (i.e. version, details, etc.) are determined, use the “Modify Options” feature of Quality Center to customize.
10. Does Quality Center allow defect to be mapped directly to requirements?
No, defects are mapped indirectly to requirements through test cases.

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