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Real time scenario questions

1.What could be the possible tests for testing a web page which displays flag of a country n some text in their language(for example Arabic ) when a button called Arabic is pressed and displays flag of another country and some text in English when a button called English is pressed?(internationalization)?
Ans) Button Pressed in Arabic:

1. Flag for the appropriate country with matching Text Displayed.

2. Correct Flag displayed, Text Wrong.

3. Correct Text, Flag wrong

4. Flag wrong, Text wrong

5. Null, Null

6. Correct Flag, Null (Text)

7. Creect Text, Null (Flag)
2) How do you complete the testing when you have a time constraint?
we need to check that the application is being tested for the first time or its a updated version.

If its a new application.The testing could be done on the following:
1) Test the areas where the application is very complex or lot of calculations involved
2)Test the application where the intervention of the user is more when compared to other areas in the applcation
3)Test the application where the programmer would have written the coding in a hurry
4)Test the areas where the changes has being made

If time permits we can also do overall testing
3) How to write test cases for a search web page like google.

Write high level test cases for it?
How to write for advanced search and search button using filters?
Please can u tell me test cases for a search web page like google.

Test Case No.1
Test Data: Enter the URL of the website and press "Enter button"

Exp Result: Home page of the Website should appears.

Test Case No.2
Test Data: Check all the sub links are enable or disable.

Exp Result: All the sub links must be in enabled state.

Test Case No.3
Test Data: Check whether the Search Button is Enabled or disabled.

Exp Result: Search Button should be in Enabled state.

Test Case No.2
Test Data: Check whether the "search" Text box takes all data or not.
Exp Result: It should take all types of data (like, Numeric, Characters, special Characters etc...).
4) Consider if there is no Test lead, No Test Manager and QA Manager. If you are the senior test engineer, you are getting pressure from the client to give the build. But you see that, there r 5 high and 5 low sevierity bugs. So, what you will do and how you interact with the client?
As you said 5 bugs are high and 5 bugs are low severity. If there is no test lead or manager not available as a senior Testing Engineer i would concentrate on 5 high severity bugs.First i ll understand them and send them to the particular development team with help of project manager. If required I will explain them the situation and about the bug severity.mean while i ll intract the client behalf of my test team and i ll make them understand the current status of the application.

5) Suppose a website contains 20 pages & having similar type of error in most pages. Tester checked one page & posted the bug in a bugtracking system including that this bug remains in most pages but developer only debugged one page (the location Tester had written). Now who is responsible to check other pages Developer or Tester ?
Yes, it is responsibilty of the tester to identify the bug

While Posting bugs we have to clearly specify that this bug is repeated in other screen also.

By mistake you have posted a bug saying that error is displayed in a single page ....Then there is a thing called Defect discussion where the nature of the bug is discussed with the development team by EOD... where the development may come to know the nature of the bug...
5) You have completed a project and the live date is next day, you got one big problem but that problem can't be resolved in short time and the estimate is 30 days. Waht are your options ..?
We could think of any workaround which would be suitable at that point of time for the problem, and make a note in the Release notes.

In case there is no workaround, then a note should be mentioned in the release notes stating it as a known issue.
6) You have tested the application and it is released. The user asks for some changes in the project and gives one week time to complete it. Out of the one week, 6 days is taken by the developer to make the changes. So you have only one day to test it. What will you do in the case in case of manual testing?

In that case we can test the main part of the application, we can found 80% of errors in that main functionality only, for that only we can mainly concentrate on main functionality...
7) If there is game which has 20 levels an expert can only play the game upto 20 levels if i am as a normal person or tester can play the game upto 12th level then how i will test the game upto 20th level. Please guide me
In general scenario as a tester, you need to understand the requirements and functionality of the game. Access privileges must be given to a tester to test all the levels individually. After integrating all the levels, he can start from the 1st level to 20th level. If a tester plays level 1 and wins that level, he can be able to enter the next level. If he loses, he should not be able to enter the next level, and it is according to the requirement. But in this situation he can now assure to the client that he already tested each and every level individually and after integration also ,it is working properly, though i have not played all 20 levels.
7) What is configuration management?
Making changes to the work product systematically is called configuration management.

mostly used popular tools is VSS

VSS : Visual Source safe.

It is a version control tool

Work product : The documents are delivered at importent milestones of a project.

Imp Work products:

1) Project proposal

2) Project agreement

3) Project Plan

4) QA Plan

5) Test Plan

6) SRS

7) Design Doc

8) Configuration management Doc

9) Maintenence manual

8) What is the difference between testing a product and testing any web -based application?
if product is a client based one then there is difference between this both but if the product is web based then no difference in my view product is build by company and kept for sale as to be sold by customers who needs them and product will be customised as per required changes(if needed) and sold to customer. In sense ur question is somewhat confusing as it should product testing Vs project testing otherwise web testing Vs client server testing
9) How product based testing differs from Project based testing. Give me a suitable example?
There is no much difference between product and project. product is something that first it will be developed, tested and sale it to clients, where as project is taking the requirement, develop, test and then hand over to client

1) product will take lot of changes according to different clients and the nature of business. Whereas application take only few changes until client satisfies.

2) single product can be sold to multiple clients, where as applications are as per the client requirement

3) product--demo--client approve--sale

application--client requirement--develop—approve
10) How to test Browser compatibility testing?
Testing the application with multiple browsers (ie IE, Netscape navigator, Mozilla Firefox etc) is called browser compatibility testing.
11) What are the important scenarios for testing emails? how do you test emails? which tool is best for testing email?

Test the email is not a very easy scenario.

We can categorised the different part on which tester may perform the testing.

1) For incoming mail with attachment

2) For outgoing mail with attachment

3) Mail failure

4) Other properties like; Delete, Edit etc.........

1) For incoming mail with attachment:--

1. Check the proper incoming address or id.

2. Check Not only the One address (TO),but also for the Cc and Bcc Addresses.

3. Check the max and min limit for number of addresses.

4. Check if address has some error like @ or. is missing .

5. Check if address has more than 1 @ sign .

6. Check if. Has arrives less than 1 or more than standard time (as per registered)

7. Check if address has arrives more than 1 time.

8. Check address only have @,., _ and – special symbols that are standard signs.

9. Check that mail does not have unnecessary content with itself.

10. If there is/are any attachments then they open properly.

11. The attachment size not exceeds the standard size.

12. If there is more than 1 attachment then the calculated size must be under the Standard size.

13. If email content has some images or some different Flash pic must show properly.

14. Some time mail has some different extensions file then it shows properly.

15. If the user read the mail, then it should be marked as readable. other...........

2) For outgoing mail with attachment :--

1. Check the Address as we done prior.

2. Here we must check for the attachments.

3. For all the send pictures

4. Mail content should have the proper content.

3) Mail failure:-- Check for the mail failure

4) Other properties like; Delete, Edit etc.........

12) What happens in a web application when you enter all the data and click on submit button suddenly the connection goes off? where the data will go?
Ans) After entering all the data we pressed on submit button

it depends on when connection goes off means after some time like one or 2 minutes or immediately

if it is immediately connection goes off then no data will be submitted

If the data reaches the web server by the time of disconnection, the system will persist the data in the database .If the connection fails before reaching the server, the data won't be persisted and data will be lost.

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