Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Test Summary Report

Test Summary Report

test summary report is a testing work product that formally summarizes the results of all testing on an endeavour.

Why Required?
  • Summarize all of the testing that was performed since the previous test summary report.
  • Enable project management and the customer to know the status of project testing.
Project Management and end customer can:
  • Able to get project testing status
  • Able to get application quality status
  • Able to take corrective actions, if required

1.       A Test summary report should generated on regular basis
2.       It should be in metrics, charts and table forms, if possible
3.       Copy of each summary report should maintain until the build release. It can be kept on central location, for future reference

Content of Test Summary Report 
  •  Definition
  •  Objective
  • Reference document
  • Target Audience
  • Test Summary
    • Unit Testing Summary
    • Integration Testing Summary
    • System Testing Summary
    • Launch Testing Summary
  • List of Severity One Failures
  • Testing Issues Requiring Resolution
  •  Appendices:
    • TBDs
    • Assumptions

For each kind of testing summarized, a test summary report will include the following information (previous report, current report, and percentage change):
  • Test Suite Information:
    •    Number of test suites planned.
    •    Number and percentage of test suites implemented.
    •    Number and percentage of test suites executed.
  •  Test Case Information:
  •  Number of test cases planned.
  •  Number and percentage of test cases implemented.
  •  Number and percentage of test cases executed.
  •  Number and percentage of test cases passed.
  •  Number and percentage of test cases failed (total and by severity).
       To write a test summary report, required pre requisites are- test plan should be complete, test execution should occur and respective test reports should be available.

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