Friday, 17 February 2012

Test checklist for Window Services

Checklist for Test Window Services
  • Check when your PC not in network
  • Check when your PC is log off
  • Check when automatically shutdown
  • Check when automatically restart
  • Check when power off condition
  • Service is automatically stopped by any of the reason
  • Window service pick the job on time
  • Compatibility with Operating system
  • For any schedule job if multiple recipient found and even next timeslot comes but yet not complete first schedule job
Cases for Email sender window service
  • If no recipient found
  • If many recipient found
  • Email address wrong
  • Email address blank
  • If attachment is attached
  • If attachment size is too long
  • If so many attachment is there
  • If port address is not mentioned
  • SMTP IF address differ or not configured
  • IP address differ

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