Thursday, 9 February 2012

How do You Perform Regression Testing

How do you perform regression testing? 

  •           Regression Testing is carried out both manually and automation. The automatic tools are mainly used for the Regression Testing as this is mainly focused repeatedly testing the same application for the changes the application gone through for the new functionality, after fixing the previous bugs, any new changes in the design etc. The regression testing involves executing the test cases, which we ran for finding the defects. Whenever any change takes place in the Application we should make sure, the previous functionality is still available without any break. For this reason one should do the regression testing on the application by running/executing the previously written test cases.

  •        Regression testing is retesting the software to detect faults introduced during modifications. It verifies whether new bugs are introduced after fixing of previously identified problems. This testing is one of the most important types of testing. Without regression testing any problems introduced by changes to the code could go undetected. 

  •           Regression Testing: whenever u add some functionality and change something in the already tested appliction then we perform the regression testing to ensure the stability of the application. 

                procedure for regression testing: 
                                1. after the bug was fixed, we have to test the application to ensure it's stability. 
                                2. i.e; we have to test whether the bug is really rectified or it provides any side effects. 
                                3. after that only we start further testing on the application. 

  •          At least one cycle or round of testing have to completed to call any testing as Regression Testing.

                After the Development Team has fixed the Defects / Bugs, then we should make sure that the change in the existing code      has not only fixed the Defects / bugs - but does not also raise new defects.

  •         Both Manual and Automation Testing can be carried out for Regression Testing. Automation Tools like QTP and Winrunner are majorly used for Regression Testing.


  • But the recommended one is Automation since it saves a lot of time and resource. Those modules that cannot be Automated should necessarily be Tested Manually.

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